T.M. has been operating for 30 years in the precision mechanics industry. Initially established as a manufacturer of mechanical parts on behalf of third parties, it then became a leading company in the sector of mechanics subcontracting. We manufacture and process to customer specification all kinds of mechanical units and components.

Our machine inventory consists of various work stations and allows us to perform processes of robotic wire welding, milling and CNC turning, grinding, assembly, even on small batches.

The experience gained has enabled us to offer our customers quality work processes and services, while ensuring strong commercial competitiveness.

T.M. is the answer for our customers to develop entire parts / internal parts of productions as well as optimising design with the aim of achieving production efficiency, which we are able to do by following the entire logistics flow in terms of quality, timing, and traceability.


We rely on TMSRL for the development of internal production parts. Project optimization and production efficiency are their standards throughout the entire logistics flow.