T.M. has always been committed to meeting customer needs, thanks to its multi-year experience and to the use of new technologies, which enable it to ensure the precision of the requested part.
It is also committed to complying with the supply terms, ensuring rapid delivery times with the aid of self-owned means.
In order to fully meet customer needs, we manufacture pieces finished in all their parts, and are able, also thanks to our cooperation with qualified and specialized companies, to perform treatments such as:


  • Carburizing, quenching and tempering
  • Induction hardening
  • Hardening and subsequent tempering
  • Nitriding


  • Anodizing
  • Coloured anodizing
  • Hard oxide coating
  • Nickel plating
  • Electroless nickel plating (“chemical nickel plating”)
  • Galvanization
  • Burnishing


  • Gear teeth/cogs
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Sand-blasting