Environmental sustainability

T.M. is committed to developing a plan for the proper management of the environmental impacts for the production processes that extends in different directions.

Recovering and recycling materials:

The scantiness of mineral resources available on our planet requires aiming at a circular economy in which, alt the end of the life cycle of a product, the materials of which it composed are reused.

The same principle is adopted by T.M. with the residual materials that are left at the end of the production cycle of new products, which mainly takes place through stock removal. The different materials are rigorously separated and sent to the initial metallurgy process.

Proper management of special waste

In addition to complying with the regulations in force regarding the management of emulsified waste oils, T.M adopts the best practices available to limit their consumption.

Control and improvement of the working environment

The working environment at T.M. was underwent a investigation that ruled out the presence of harmful elements. However, the machine tools were subsequently equipped with a suction filter for the removal of the fumes generated during the machining processes. 

Assembly of mechanical units

T.M. is able to provide even small assembled units, thanks to its highly trained staff and to a dedicated department.